Nika Otiashvili
ნიკა ოთიაშვილი


Some of my projects. All written from scratch without dependencies, unless otherwise noted.

If you want to see more, my projects are hosted on my private git server and mirrored to my Github.


rend rendering a 3D model with and without wireframe

Toy software renderer written in C99 for X11.


one of the harder levels in the workshop

Javascript teaching tool I wrote for workshops I conducted in Georgian-American School Batumi.


Shamen gameplay showing totem interaction

1v1 game about shamans. Made during a 72hr gamejam..


A small markdown to html converter in a single ~500LOC C99 file that supports most markdown features. Based on rxi/doq.


navgen agents completing a level

Evolutionary algorithm for learning navigation through a level.


Platformer game where you switch the gravity of everything but yourself. Made in 48hrs for a gamejam.

Dungeon Spawn

Android/iOS game I made a long time ago where you play as an evil wizard defending your dungeon from heroes who've come to rescure your kidnapped princess.


best solution so far that rubsolv got

Evolutionary algorithm written in C99 for solving Rubik's cubes.


Collection of my shaders, sketches, and small animated programs.


raycast-love2d rendering a maze

Simple raycast renderer written in Lua with Love2D. Wrote it for a Gdevi meetup.


Gdevi meetup logo

Small Georgian game development meetup which I organize once every 2-3 months in Tbilisi. Attendance is free for everyone. We also have a Facebook page.


Android app that lets you plan and find nearby hikes. Allows a group to track each member's location.


Tiny Lua library for queuing and executing actions in sequence. Mimics a scene-graph for graphics libraries.


Platform for quickly creating slideshows. Scrapes relevant images as you type and renders a video with customizable text and slide transitions using a canvas hack.


Assembler written in C99 for the hack virtual machine from nand2tetris.