Nika Otiashvili
ნიკა ოთიაშვილი


Here are a few of the talks and workshops I've lead.

Game Design Documents

Held a talk and a follow-up discussion at Gdevi #9 about design documents for game developers. Explored design documents of old well-known games, how they held up to the final products, and what we could learn from them.

Georgian-American School Batumi

Led programming workshops for high schoolers where I taught them basic javascript using a game I had made for them which they ultimately hacked, reprogrammed, and used to make their own levels.


Talked at Gdevi #8 about the large influx of games on Steam, Steam Direct, SteamSpy stats, effective trailers, hooks, pillars, necrommunity, and Ryan Clark's tactic for analyzing games.

Hacktoberfest for Gamedevs

Talked at Gdevi #7 about Hacktoberfest, FOSS in videogames, and showcased a lot of open source game development tools (map & mesh generators, libraries, level & item editors...)

Raycast Rendering

Talked at Gdevi #5 about the ancient technique of raycasting, how it works, how games like Wolfenstein3D used it, and showed a small demo I wrote in lua.

Buckswood Summer Camp - ML & AGI

Delivered a lecture for highschoolers at Buckswood school about intelligence, evolution, ML, AGI and its implications and ethics. Showed a demo of an evolutionary algorithm which learns to navigate a maze.

Gamedev Conferences and Casual Connect

Talked at Gdevi #4 about popular international conferences for game developers, their pros and cons, and gave preparation tips based on my experience at Casual Connect London 2018.